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Send your messages and hugs to Passirose  
04 août 2013, 22 h 31

Hi everyone,

I'd like to invite you to send messages, thoughts and hugs to Passirose (Suzanne). She recently found out that her breathing troubles were due to lymphangitis carcinomatosa - a thickening of the lungs. It's not good news.

I've known Suzanne virtually since 2008. She has helped me build 3 online communities in French and English in addition to building a very successful community herself called SI-Fortes for francophone women with breast cancer. Suzanne is a beautiful spirit who inspires many. Her shoulders must be as wide as a football field judging by all the people she has supported (à épauler) throughout her cancer experience. You can see her spirit reflected in these threads:
While mobility is tough now, Suzanne is still very active on the computer. I'm sure she'd like to know that you're thinking of her. Please send your thoughts by posting a message here.  

PS: Suzanne loves to laugh. Funnies welcome too.
Réponse de chemobrainfog
04 août 2013, 23 h 37

Suzanne, my dear, sweet and loving friend,

Sending you all of my love from NY to Quebec.  Thinking about how much joy I felt when I was wrapping up those pants to send to you.  I was certain you already KNEW why I asked for your address.  When you got the package and thought it was a school uniform, your email message made me jump for joy that it was a surprise!!

MUCH love to you, Suzanne...


Réponse de NatR
05 août 2013, 1 h 59

Dear Suzanne,

i am sending you my thoughts this evening.  You are , from what I read on this forum,  a warm  and supportive friend to all.

i hope that you feel the energy being sent your way - I am glad you are able to read messages via the computer and I will find something funny for you as Colleen suggested.

hugs coming your way, virtually :)
Réponse de NatR
05 août 2013, 2 h 03


Dear Suzanne, here is a funny.  
Hope you haven't seen it yet!
truth is stranger than fiction
natR :)

Subject: How Do Court Reporters Keep Straight Faces?
These are from a book called Disorder in the Courts and are things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and published by court reporters that had the torment of staying calm while the exchanges were taking place.

ATTORNEY: What was the first thing your husband said to you that morning?
WITNESS: He said, 'Where am I, Cathy?'
ATTORNEY: And why did that upset you?
WITNESS: My name is Susan!
ATTORNEY: What gear were you in at the moment of the impact?
WITNESS: Gucci sweats and Reeboks.
ATTORNEY: Are you sexually active?
WITNESS: No, I just lie there.
ATTORNEY: What is your date of birth?
WITNESS: July 18th.
ATTORNEY: What year?
WITNESS: Every year.
ATTORNEY: How old is your son, the one living with you?
WITNESS: Thirty-eight or thirty-five, I can't remember which.
ATTORNEY: How long has he lived with you?
WITNESS: Forty-five years.
ATTORNEY: This myasthenia gravis, does it affect your memory at all?
ATTORNEY: And in what ways does it affect your memory?
WITNESS: I forget..
ATTORNEY: You forget? Can you give us an example of something you forgot?
ATTORNEY: Now doctor, isn't it true that when a person dies in his sleep, he doesn't know about it until the next morning?
WITNESS: Did you actually pass the bar exam?

ATTORNEY: The youngest son, the 20-year-old, how old is he?
WITNESS: He's 20, much like your IQ.
ATTORNEY: Were you present when your picture was taken?
WITNESS: Are you shitting me?
ATTORNEY: So the date of conception (of the baby) was August 8th?
ATTORNEY: And what were you doing at that time?
WITNESS: Getting laid

ATTORNEY: She had three children , right?
ATTORNEY: How many were boys?
ATTORNEY: Were there any girls?
WITNESS: Your Honor, I think I need a different attorney. Can I get a new attorney?
ATTORNEY: How was your first marriage terminated?
WITNESS: By death..
ATTORNEY: And by whose death was it terminated?
WITNESS: Take a guess.

ATTORNEY: Can you describe the individual?
WITNESS: He was about medium height and had a beard
ATTORNEY: Was this a male or a female?
WITNESS: Unless the Circus was in town I'm going with male.
ATTORNEY: Is your appearance here this morning pursuant to a deposition notice which I sent to your attorney?
WITNESS: No, this is how I dress when I go to work.
ATTORNEY: Doctor , how many of your autopsies have you performed on dead people?
WITNESS: All of them. The live ones put up too much of a fight.
ATTORNEY: ALL your responses MUST be oral, OK? What school did you go to?
WITNESS: Oral...
ATTORNEY: Do you recall the time that you examined the body?
WITNESS: The autopsy started around 8:30 PM
ATTORNEY: And Mr. Denton was dead at the time?
WITNESS: If not, he was by the time I finished.
ATTORNEY: Are you qualified to give a urine sample?
WITNESS: Are you qualified to ask that question?

ATTORNEY: Doctor, before you performed the autopsy, did you check for a pulse?
ATTORNEY: Did you check for blood pressure?
ATTORNEY: Did you check for breathing?
ATTORNEY: So, then it is possible that the patient was alive when you began the autopsy?
ATTORNEY: How can you be so sure, Doctor?
WITNESS: Because his brain was sitting on my desk in a jar.
ATTORNEY: I see, but could the patient have still been alive, nevertheless?
WITNESS: Yes, it is possible that he could have been alive and practicing law.
Réponse de passirose
05 août 2013, 2 h 40

Thank you my friends for those nice words, you are really touching my heart.  

I have a second round of chemo this Tuesday, and Thursday an X Ray of the lung will determine any improvement on the lung, to decide if we continue or not.  It may give me more weeks.  Woulld be good as we are never ready to go, he!

As I already had made, we did a pre-registration in palliative care home in my area, so if things gets difficult I will be move over there.  At my home the CLSC palliative team is coming every weeks.  Nurse, Pneumo, Social Worker, Ergotherapist, and Doctors they put everything to help me: chair for the shower, deambulator, electric bed, etc.  If chemo work or not, I will be ready for everything. 

Last Thursday I hurt myself, and since then I have lots of pain in the femur/pelvic up to the knee, and have to be medicated, that leaves me a bit sleepy, but I wanted to put a word for the palliative community to let you know about all this, but I feel like in a tornado.

Will come back later for more, and, ho NatR, I just loooove those attorney & withness stories, what a giggle!  

Au plaisir, Suzanne  
Réponse de chemobrainfog
05 août 2013, 3 h 33

Ahhhh, Suzanne..

I was laughing so hard at NatR's stories, too.

I'm glad they made you giggle, too!

Réponse de NatR
05 août 2013, 22 h 31

hey Suzanne and Anne Marie:)
glad you both laughed last night

have a good evening
Réponse de cocopham
13 août 2013, 20 h 15

Bien chere Suzanne,

Je pense toujours 'a vous et je lis tous vos messages, malgre mon silence....

Je voudrais en meme temps remercier NatR qui a envoye un message avec des extraits du livre <Disorder at Courts> , qui me fait tordre de rire; je suis si contente que vous ayez trouve un forum si merveilleux, ou l'amitie se manifeste d'une facon si spontanee et si profonde!
Je vous admire pour votre courage et votre dynamisme Suzanne; nous sommes tous et toutes avec vous en pensee, et que nos prieres vous entourent sans cesse pour vous soutenir dans des moments difficiles...
Je travaille depuis des annees dans les Soins Pallliatifs et je comprends parfaitement les souffrances de nos patients, physiques et morales....
Suzanne, vous etes dans nos pensees et je vous envoie beaucoup de tendresse de la part du Seigneur. Je vous embrasse tres fort,
Réponse de eKIM
14 août 2013, 3 h 13

Hi Suzanne.  We don’t know each other, but it matters not.  I am sending you a message of encouragement. 

I don’t understand what causes one human to reach out to another – each time it happens to me, I feel blessed in some unexplainable way.  Just as sunlight disperses the mist on a pond, a full understanding would to spoil one of life’s sweet mysteries.  Somehow, the reason for an act of compassion, is not defined by the individuals involved, nor even by the message.  It is in the moment shared.

So, sweet girl, here it is:  My wish for you is simply, peace.  It would be nice if a wish could create a reality, but it doesn’t, at least not directly.  However, if knowing that a complete stranger can care enough about another complete stranger, to reach out with compassion, then perhaps this gesture can put a momentary smile on your face.  Even if it only gives you a single moment of peace, it is worthwhile, I believe – especially because the present moment is all we have.  No other moment after the present moment is guaranteed to anyone.


Réponse de marstin
14 août 2013, 17 h 57

Hi Suzanne,

Reading through the posts and following the inspirational message from eKim, I am almost at a loss for words. Though we are all virtual friends this site has lifted the spirits of so many people and now it is our turn to return the favor to you. You have touched so many lives by the stroke of a keyboard and for that we are all so grateful. Your strength and courage is an inspiration to so many. You are in our hearts and in our thoughts.


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