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"Sharing tales of those we've lost..." 
Créé par KathCull_admin
08 déc. 2016, 16 h 51

“I am sure that I am not alone in approaching Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, and New Years with sorrow in my heart over the death of a loved one. ….In the coming holiday season ahead, may each of you reach through the sorrow of missing your loved ones who have died, remember them well, and embrace their most precious gifts in gratitude.” Dr. Thomas Attig Holiday Sorrows and Precious Gifts

My husband loved Christmas. From the poinsettia, the baking, family and friends, the decorated Christmas tree, the presents under the tree, the turkey dinner, to quiet evenings with a cup of tea and a new book.  Those are memories now - ones we like to talk about again and again – much as he liked to repeat jokes over and over– adding a new twist or turn before the punch line!

Mitch Albom wrote, “Sharing tales of those we’ve lost is how we keep from really losing them.”

What memories do you share?  What memories would you like left behind?

Réponse de Wingman
10 déc. 2016, 20 h 05

I remember how my best friend was excited about everything I did. We talked at the beginning and end of every day, what we did, how the day was, what we were looking forward to. Especially at the farm...she was excited about my progress and plans with my sweet pony. I remember how she provided perspective and was nice to share the daily world.

I would rather not remember how the cancer progressed and how it eventually consumed our world. I would rather not remember the last few days in the hospital, and I would rather not be sometimes angry at the conversations we didn't have because of her denial.

But the clock doesn't stop and the holidays are coming and so we try to come to terms and find balance with the things we love, and the things we have lost.
Réponse de KathCull_admin
18 déc. 2016, 22 h 11

Thanks for your post Wingman - you are so right there are some memories I wouldnrather not remember too. 

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