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PSW- More educational training 
Créé par Coty
08 oct. 2012, 20 h 58

I am a Personal Support Worker and been working for 3 years in a local Hospice. I will love to take more courses about the Palliative Care but in this area everything is for Register Nurses. Do you have on-line courses that I could take? or guide me where I can find them. As a PSW we interact more with patients, we know more about their lifes, families and have the opportunity to have those special moments to talk about fear, sadness and I think is so important to have more resources so we can learn more about this time in life. I love to celebrate patients life, make them smile, do dances for them or just respect their silence.
This job gave me the opportunity to learn how to care for my mother, who died last year from Lung cancer and I am so greatful because I have all the knowledge to help her and my brother and sister. I am almost 40 and I am considering to take the Nursing Program and study Palliative Care 100% to help others to enjoy their love ones at the end of life.
I am so happy that I did find this website.
Réponse de NatR
08 oct. 2012, 22 h 38

Hi Coty, thanks for your note.

Like you I worked as a PSW and like you I have experience with family caregiving.

I am so sorry that you lost your mom a short time ago.  I can only say that I know you gave your mother the best care you could, and that you honoured her by that care.

Mothers give so much through the years.  For you to be able to give doesnt ease the pain of your loss, but it gives you the peace of mind that you were there for her, the very best nurse she could possibly have.

Yes, I said nurse...I believe that PSWs, DSWs, and any other title that is connected to front-line caregiving - is nursing.  We all are hands on, giving in energy, giving in observation and offering comfort and love.  Being a caregiver is something that requires passion and committment.

I dont have the answer for you about online courses but I know that there are some out there.  I will try and get some information for you.  Anyone reading this thread please feel free to respond and offer whatever  links you know about.

Coty, thank you for reaching out on the forum.  I hope you will continue to post wherever you have interest or expertise.  Its the "school of hard knocks" that most of us graduated well as courses like PSW.

Let me tell you that there are some wonderful caring people who run and moderate and contribute to this forum.

Please let others know that you have found a safe place to talk, think out loud, find answers...(and now I need to go and find some for you:) 
Sorry I got long-winded:)
a fellow PSW and family caregiver
09 oct. 2012, 17 h 06

Dear Coty,

Welcome to Virtual Hospice. I'm so glad you found us. Like NatR, I'm sure you will have much to contribute to our community given your experience as a PSW and a family caregiver.

PSW training that I am most familiar with are the courses offered by the Centre for Education and Research on Aging & Health (CERAH) in Thunder Bay. Here is a description of the palliative course specifically for front-line workers, including PSWs. I'm not sure what distance learning options they offer, but could find out for you. I will be attending their one-day conference in Toronto on Oct 17 - Quality Palliative Care in Long Term Care: Tools for Change and will make inquiries. 

In the meantime, you and NatR may find this report interesting to read Quality Palliative Care in Long-Term Care Alliance: Personal Support Workers Competencies.

I'm glad that your PSW experience helped you when caring for your mom and supporting your brother and sister. I look forward to exchanging with you more here on Virtual Hospice's community.
Réponse de NatR
09 oct. 2012, 17 h 35

Thank you Colleen.

I am sure Coty will appreciate your input and I will look at the link you shared specifically for PSWs

NatR :) 
Réponse de highlanddancermom40
27 nov. 2012, 16 h 45

Hello Again,

I am not sure about you, but the agency that I am employed by, offer their own additional training courses throughout the year.

You could also check your local college, as sometimes they offer specific courses aimed at Pallative Care, Dementia and Alzheimer training, etc (many times listed as a general interest course) that can range from a few hours to a few weeks in duration. 
Réponse de smilies
07 mars 2015, 22 h 39

Contact your local collegeours offers online components and also courses offered through Care Coordinators we have ccac 
Réponse de KathCull_admin
08 mars 2015, 14 h 14

Welcome Smilies, Thanks for your information. 

Do you have a special interest in healthcare or are you using the services of CCAC?


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