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my mother passed 
Started by BlackCat
02 Oct 2014, 4:15 PM

Hello everyone. I haven't been here very long...I wish I had found this website a year ago! I've posted once before and I appreciated the support.
 My mom passed away on Sept 25th. I was at her side as she took her last breath. It was as peaceful as I wished it would be.  I am managing, but also totally stressed about all I have to do. I have until Oct 31 to pack up everything, find a cheap place to live and move out.  I am overwhelmed and have no one to lean on. I am feeling incredibly alone.  I have no idea where I will move to...but it has to cheap, and I have to be able to keep my two cats.

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Reply by Xenia
02 Oct 2014, 8:24 PM

Dear Blackcat and all:

My condolences to you on the passing of your mother.  How wonderful that you were at her side when she passed and that you were able to be there to help her make her transition and that it was peaceful.

It is sad indeed that you have no support and that you did not find this website sooner as there is so much compassion and support to all who are going through what you had gone through and going through now.

Packing up memories is the hardest thing to do in this case.  Do you have a church you attended and even if you didn't many offer help in times of need.  In our town the 7th day Adventists are so great at helping in the community and they offer much help without making you feel you need to join their church.

Is there any Community services you can get in touch with.  I don;t know if you live in a city or small town, however, Social Services often have contacts.  Try them and perhaps you can get help there.

Finding a place to live and get all things cleared out is a job in itself.  I can only suggest that you take it one day at a time and try to keep the stress level low, if you can.  I wish you the best in all you do and will keep you in my thoughts and wishes.


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Reply by jaindough
02 Oct 2014, 9:01 PM

My condolences to you and yours, Black cat.

I am now dealing with the aftermath of mom's passing and can relate to some extent to your feeling so alone. I wish you strength at this time. There is so much to do and at times it feels like it will never all get done.

I keep reminding myself to take things one step at a time. The past few months it has felt very much like all I have been doing is looking down as I put one foot in front of the other, but you know what? I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel. So if nothing else, I hope I can offer you some comfort in knowing that you will get through this and the stress will slowly come to an end and you will be able to mourn your mother and honour her by living the best life you can.

Best Wishes,

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Reply by jorola
03 Oct 2014, 12:08 AM

I am very sorry for your loss Blackcat.

It is hard to deal with things like finding a place to live when you are grieving too.

However you have been through alot and you are still standing. I thinkyou will find the strength you need to do what needs to be done.

JD is right small steps every day, one foot in front of another. Not sure if you are an organizer or someone who is able to swing it. If you prganoze, plan what you need to have done even using a calander to mark down what needs to be done that day. Just don't beat yourself if thing happen and you are not able to achieve what you set out to achieve that day. Xenia had a very good idea too.

Sending strength your way
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Reply by KathCull_admin
23 Oct 2014, 6:04 PM

Hello Blackcat
We are getting towards the end of October and I was wondering if you had found an afordable place to live with your cats? 
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