Hospice Renfrew

Address 459 Albert Street
City Renfrew
Province / Territory / State Ontario
Postal / Zip Code K7V 1V8
Country Canada
Phone 613-433-3993
Fax 613-432-3618
E-mail Address info@hospicerenfrew.ca
Url http://www.hospicerenfrew.ca

Our 6-bed facility, the first rural hospice in Ontario, offers palliative care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have a short stay program for palliative patients who require pain and symptom management or respite care. Patients must have a valid O.H.I.P. card and be  a resident of Ontario. Generally, patients have a prognosis of 3 months and a P.P.S. of 40%.  These are general guidelines as each application is assessed/accepted on an individual basis. The client has to be on CCAC services for admission. For more information visit our website for a virtual tour or call toll-free @ 1-866-751-1685.

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