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Province / Territory / State Nova Scotia
Country Canada
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Caregivers Nova Scotia provides free programs, services, information, and advocacy for unpaid, family and friend caregivers. With ongoing support from our board of directors, allied organizations, and caregivers themselves, we are dedicated to providing recognition and practical assistance to friends and family giving care. 

We participate in government task forces and working groups to influence public policy for the benefit of caregivers. An important part of supporting caregivers is to listen to what they are saying about their experiences and bring it into the public eye. Caregivers Nova Scotia strives to take the collective voice of caregivers and amplify it. The first step toward better support is being heard.

Our staff and board are passionate about the contribution caregivers make to our quality of life not only for individuals in need, but to society as a whole. We are steadfast in our commitment of support and unwavering in our appreciation of all that caregivers do.

Caregivers Nova Scotia is committed to providing support and education for unpaid caregivers, raising public awareness, and influencing public policy with respect to caregiving issues.

Unpaid caregivers are recognized, valued, and fully supported as essential partners in care.

At Caregivers Nova Scotia we are trusted ambassadors for caregivers and have a shared passion for the work we do. These are our values:
• Empathy and Compassion – We take the time to listen and understand in a caring and supportive manner.
• Dignity and Respect – We value each person’s right to be treated as an individual; we protect confidentiality and use a non-judgmental approach.
• Inclusivity – We work to ensure our programs and services are accessible to diverse populations.
• Collaboration– Our team proactively seeks opportunities to engage our stakeholders to identify mutually satisfying solutions and outcomes.


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