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Event Title: Spiritually Speaking: Putting Spiritual Truth into Helpful Words
Organization: Canadian Association for Spiritual Care, Manitoba Region
Date of Event: November 01, 2019 to November 01, 2019 8:30-4:00
Location: Life and Learning Centre, 2nd Floor 2109 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3J 0L3
Postal Code: R3J 0L3
Audience: Health Care Professionals
Category: Workshop

Discover. Learn practical frameworks to assess needs and guide spiritual conversations. Describe. Use context-appropriate language to communicate clearly with clients and team. Document. Begin to master the art of keeping records that serve their purpose. This workshop will interest anyone who supports the spiritual needs of clients, including nurses, social workers, spiritual care providers, counsellors, and other helping professionals. Gordon J. Hilsman, D.Min. is author of several books including Spiritual Care in Common Terms: How Chaplains can Effectively Describe the Spiritual Needs of Patients in Medical Records. He has over forty years experience as a clinical pastoral educator and chaplain in hospital, addictions, mental health and hospice settings. He has previously served as a Catholic parish priest. He lives in Tacoma, Washington. Event Schedule: Doors open at 7:45. Come early to enjoy a continental breakfast, while quantities last. Lunch and snacks throughout the day included with registration fee.

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