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Self care
B is for Balance Every professional wants balance between life at work and at home, but how do you find that in today’s overworked, overscheduled...
Being with Dying: Cultivating Compassion and Fearlessness in the Presence of Death Using a Buddhist approach to death, the author affirms that we can open and contact our inner strength, and that we can help...
Caregiver Stress and Staff Support in Illness, Dying and Bereavement This book offers insights from palliative care leaders and experts from around the world to discuss the management of caregiver...
Compassion Fatigue Solutions Resources to help health care providers stay healthy when working in challenging environments. In English and French.
The Courage to Laugh: Humor, Hope and Healing in the Face of Death and Dying This book offers insights and anecdotal stories about how humor can be present and also embraced in difficult times, particularly...
Dying in the Land of Enchantment: A Doctor’s Journey In his quest to be the best palliative care physician he could be, Giddings participates in the “Being With Dying” program...
End-of-Life Care & Supporting Staff: a literature review Prepared by Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme 2013. For more information see website: www. hospicefriendlyhospitals. net
Front Line Staff Experiences of Grief and loss in a LTC Home Based on research of Quality Palliative Care in Long Term Care: A Community - University Research  Alliance at Lakehead University.
Frontline Staff Grief and Loss in Long Term Care Presentation of research findings. Research study is component of Quality Palliative Care in Long Term Care (QTC-LTC) Project.
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