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Our clinical team has identified protocols, advanced practices, and assessment and evaluation tools to help support your practice.

Indigenous people
CHPCA Aboriginal Resource Commons The Aboriginal Resource Commons has been created as a repository for resources related to Aboriginal hospice palliative and...
Chronic Diseases in Canada Open access to health evidence journals by Public Health Agency of Canada, this edition (31(1)  December 2010 is a co-publication of 'Chronic...
Completing the Circle This website created by First Nations University, Saskatchewan, provides information and resources on culturally sensitive...
Completing the Circle Presentation Powerpoint by Dr Carrie Bourassa, Professor, First Nations University, is intended to accompany the video 'Completing the...
Completing the Circle: Diverse Voices of Protocol and Health In this video Aboriginal Elders and community members describe the diversity of protocol that First Nations follow when a...
Completing the Circle: End of Life Care with Aboriginal Families Video produced to educate health-care providers about culturally appropriate end-of-life care for Aboriginal families. Saskatchewan...
Completing the Circle: Towards an Understanding of Multiple Losses in Aboriginal Communities This video is meant for academics and other audiences who wish to understand the issue of "complex loss" among Aboriginal...
Completing the Circle: Youth and Grieving This video conveys stories of bereaved youth and traditional responses from Aboriginal elders. We hope this video will help...
Dialogues on Aboriginal-Focused Hospice Palliative Care in Rural and Remote BC Publication summarizes the dialogues related to palliative care for Aboriginal people living in three different regions in...
Empathy, dignity, and respect: Creating cultural safety for Aboriginal people in urban health care This report highlights some of the barriers to Aboriginal people seeking health care services within mainstream health care...
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