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Grief and bereavement
Region of Peel: Children's Support Services for Grieving or Bereaved Children Needs Assessment (Literature Search) This literature search focuses on key articles, reports, etc., published between 2010 and 2015. The articles, etc., listed...
The role of social workers in palliative, end of life and bereavement care This resource aims to ensure that people benefit from good social work at the end of their life, and that those close to...
Sesame Street in Communities - Helping Kids Grieve: Training Video While adults understand the permanence of death rather quickly, children often need more time. Feelings of grief come and...
Sesame Street in Communities: Helping Kids Grieve This website produced by Sesame Street in Communities has a wealth of resources for children and families touched by loss...
Solving Healthcare Podcast - Understanding Grief Dr. Kyeremanteng is an ICU and Palliative Care physician in Ottawa who runs the Solving Healthcare Podcast. In this podcast...
Support Services for Grieving or Bereaved Children:Needs Assessment (Overview of Literature Search) A summary of the annotated literature search. See associated document Region of Peel: Children's Support Services for Grieving...
Support Services for Grieving/Bereaved Children: Helplines, Online Support, Social Media, etc Needs Assess't (Supplement to Literature Search) Supplement to the lit search which highlights various support programs/initiatives from around the world with a focus on...
Supporting and Strengthening Families Through Expected and Unexpected Life Events - March 2006 Focusing on the family is an integral component of nursing practice. This guideline was developed to promote and facilitate...
Supporting Parenting Through Illness & Grief This one page handout provides an overview of the findings from a research study of 71 parent caregivers. It discusses the...
Surviving spousal bereavement: Insights for GPs Free online access to research article.
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