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Advance care planning / Decision making
Northwest Territories - Personal Directives: Choosing for the Future Government website provides information brochure, example directive, and audio information.
Nova Scotia - Advance Directives Website and free downloadable information brochure developed by the Health Law Institute at Dalhousie University.
Nova Scotia - It's in Your Hands: Legal Information for Seniors and Their Families Concise and informative guide addresses important topics including Guardianship, Wills, Funeral Planning, Power of Attorney,...
Nova Scotia - Personal Directives The Nova Scotia Department of Justice has a personal care directive form and information available online at the above website.
Nova Scotia - Personal Directives Act Nova Scotia has a new Personal Directives Act , in place since April 1, 2010.
Nova Scotia Necessary Documents Checklist This is a document developed by the Nova Scotia palliative care program providing a checklist of important documents that...
Nova Scotia Organ and Tissue Donation Program: Legacy of Life People living in Nova Scotia will find information and answers to common questions on this website.
Ontario - A Guide to Advance Care Planning The Ontario government health and wellness information for seniors website includes information on programs and services...
Ontario - Steps in Advance Care Planning This website produced by the Ontario Seniors' Secretariat offers a broad range of resources for advance care planning for...
Ottawa Family Decision Guide A guide to assist families facing tough health and social decisions.
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