Why CVH Learning Hub?

The Learning Hub is your gateway to free, evidence-informed learning modules to support your practice. The modules help you build capacity and confidence in delivering palliative care and grief support.  

  • Self-directed and self-paced 
  • Practical tools and strategies 
  • Developed by leaders in palliative care and grief
  • Certificates of completion 

Modules for People Working in Healthcare

Indigenous Cultural Safety Training

Everyone working in healthcare has a responsibility to contribute to respectful care that honours and includes cultural traditions and beliefs. In these modules, you will hear from Indigenous Peoples about their values, beliefs, and views about care, explore barriers to culturally safer care, and learn how to address these barriers.

Healthcare Provider Grief: Recognizing and Responding

Recognizing your grief is a necessary but often forgotten part of working in healthcare. We hope these modules will help you and your healthcare team support each other and share your own stories about grief and meaning to improve your own health, well-being, and work.


Grief Training: Building Healthcare Provider Capacity

Regardless of your professional role, you’re likely to encounter patients and families who are experiencing loss and grief. The goal of these modules is to increase your understanding about grief as you support patients and their families.

Long Term Care: Understanding and Responding to Grief

These grief learning resources are for people working in long-term care settings. No matter your role, end-of-life, grief, and bereavement will be part of your working life. These modules will help increase your understanding about grief and confidence in supporting patients and their families.

Social Workers and Counsellors: Building Your Grief Support Skills

In many settings, formally assessing, responding to, and supporting people in their grief is the work of social workers and counsellors. These modules strive to support social workers and counsellors in their work with grieving individuals, families, and communities.

Building capacity to support grieving families in the ICU: Online training for ICU clinicians

These modules help clinicians to better understand grief and respond to patients and families in distress in constructive ways, specifically in the ICU setting. Earn up to 4 certified Mainpro+® credits!

Methadone for Analgesia in Palliative Care

Methadone4Pain‎ is a series of three education modules for physicians, nurses and pharmacists seeking to improve their knowledge in prescribing and managing patients prescribed methadone for pain in palliative care. Earn up to 2 certified Mainpro+® credits!

MyGriefToolbox for Paramedics

What do I say to a family member in distress? How do I tell an unprepared family that death is imminent?  MyGriefToolbox‎ is a series of eight education modules for paramedics. They provide strategies in palliative care and grief support to enhance your practice.

Paramedicine is evolving to provide palliative care in the home. Paramedics and grief experts collaborated to develop MyGriefToolbox.ca to help you deliver the care that matters at the most difficult time of life.

MyGriefToolbox.ca is currently housed on its own site and will be migrated to the learning hub shortly. To access the modules, please visit MyGriefToolbox.ca.


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Caregiver-Centered Care

Earn your certificate in Caregiver Centered Care.


A program designed to support care teams to provide early palliative care.

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