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Breast cancer with Bone Mets Stg IV 
Créé par walking marie
06 juin 2013, 9 h 30

Hi my new friends...I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Mrch with no lesion or lump after having mammograms done every year and seams .   It did not savmeme from this disease.  I was first found to have bone cancer and then through a hip bone biopsy I found out this.    It has been sooo difficult to get a griof off.    With my most wonderful husband we struggle on. 
06 juin 2013, 13 h 29

Hi Walking Marie,

Welcome to our community! Although, I have to admit I'm very sorry for the reason you are here. It must be so difficult to face such tough facts so abruptly.

The group of people living with serious illness and sharing on our forums is quite small still. I am working to grow our numbers because I believe it is helpful to walk with others, speak frankly about fears and hopes, and to share the trials and joys at this time.

You are not alone and others will welcome you and as Marstin (another VH member) says "wrap you in a cosy blanket when you need someone to lean on."

06 juin 2013, 13 h 42

Hi again Marie,

I wanted to ask a bit more about you. We've met your husband here on the forums too - Roger aka Cablestray. But I was wondering about kids or other family and friends that you have in your circle of support. 

What are the things that make you happiest?
Réponse de NatR
06 juin 2013, 13 h 57

Hi Marie,

as Colleen says - everyone here has a good understanding of what life can throw at you when least expected - life is a journey that has twists and forks in the road - dealing with some issues is made a lot easier by sharing and supporting each other.

i hope today will be a good day for you.
please let us know how you are doing, how you are feeling, we are here for the mountains and the valleys, help 
Réponse de NatR
06 juin 2013, 13 h 58

Oops my message was sent before I finished my thoughts

just know you can be yourself - this is as real as face to face in a coffee shop - real people who care
Réponse de chemobrainfog
08 juin 2013, 2 h 12

Hi Marie (and Roger, too),

I wasn't sure where to post this but I wanted to let you know that you are surrounded by love and support in such a safe and welcoming place.  I don't post here often but I have become close with a few of those who are here.

I am so sorry about your cancer diagnosis and the difficulties you were having with pain.  I had an early stage breast cancer and just as I was finishing up my own treatment, my mom was diagnosed with BC for the second time.  Just a few months ago, we learned that she has a bone metastasis.  Although I can't truly understand how you are feeling, I've been able to come pretty close.

I think you've done a great thing by reaching out.  Please know you aren't alone.  If you are having a "moment" it's usually not long before someone reaches out to remind you there are people listening.

I send you my love and support....

Réponse de Brayden
09 juin 2013, 21 h 20

Dear Marie,
I want to reach out in support to you as you now suffer in your pain. It is heartwarming to know that your loving husband, Roger, is walking this difficult journey with you. I hope that you had a good visit with your son from Montreal. Your visit from your daughter and granddaughter will be priceless. Please keep in touch with us as we want to be here for you. With all my support,
Réponse de walking marie
10 juin 2013, 1 h 23

Dear Colleen, natR, chemobrainfog and Brayden,

I Thnk you all for caring so much and I will tell I you a little about my family.

I have 2 children...girl and boy and 2 step children...girl and boy.....

My daughter has three children and my son has three children.

they are very supportive and scaring about my condition.

I am a spiritual person and a Christian who gains strength from Jesus every day and Keith Him at the realm I WILL GET Through the maize of tests and treatments as they come with the support of my dear Roger who is by my side every step of the journey.  I am trying desperately to place my troubles in the hanago dr God and stop trying to control cuz it is thrugh my faith in Him that will strengthen me.  

I am doing really well this week and able to come off the anti nausea pills which as I found out were the culprits for making feel like I was a basket, of course I am geez I don't think so anyways.    But, seriously though, I am feeling very good ....pain is being treated with ongoing medication and when I need extra during the day I take extra for it....but, not bad.

I go for a Cat Scan tomorrow and kohen later in the month I will see my main oncologist and he will give me some new results and I pray they will be an improved result.    

My new friends, please continue to support us nd pray for us and I will do as well for u.   There is much powewin prayer especially when there are many.

God Bless,
pwalking Marie 
Réponse de Brayden
11 juin 2013, 2 h 26

Dear Walking Marie,
I wish to acknowledge your sincere request that we support you and pray for you in this difficult journey. You do have so much on your plate. Yet I am confident that in the midst of your pain and suffering, your faith will grant you that deep inner peace that transcends all understanding. You are in good hands. 
God Bless,
06 oct. 2013, 21 h 40

Hi Marie,

We haven't heard from you for a while. Well actually you posted not too long ago with a lovely note for Suzanne (passirose).

I was wondering how you are doing? Do you have plans with family for Thanksgiving?

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