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Walking with the Angels

Well, mom had about 3 weeks in the palliative care ward at her hospital. We experienced it to the max. My sister slept over in the room with mom for a few nights & was there in the morning when she woke up...
The two of us slept over one night last week, we thought she was dying and wanted to be there, together, doing the vigil...
Well, mom woke up the next morning, shortly after that her doctor arrived, my sister & I were astonished, she was so pleased to see her doctor, a big smile and Hello!
She even had interest in having some breakfast.
My guess is that she had a difficult reaction to a drug that was given to her - perhaps a little too strong for little Lea??
Well, Mom went out with a bang on Saturday, the first day of Spring, under a New Moon!
Her husband, Tony; daughter Lorraine (my sister), son-in-law, Vic, my mom's sister Adrienne and the nurse, Karen were in the room for mom's dying breath...
They were all standing over Lea, when suddenly, one of the "St. Patrick's Day" balloons in her room - exploded!!
Made them all jump and look, and laugh - Adrienne said, boy! Lea sure went out with a bang!
Way to go, Mom.
You rock!!

Lea P.

Lea was diagnosed with "Cancer of Unknown Primary" in November 2003.
Has just moved into the Palliative care wing in her local hospital. February, 2004

Canadian Virtual Hospice

Wow. What a great idea. Heard about this website on CBC - The National tonight (Friday, 6 February 2004) & went right away to investigate. Thanks, guys. An idea whose time has come. Generally speaking, a wealth of information. The dearth of information is under the heading: Marijuana.
I have many questions. I guess that the Baby Boom Generation of Canadians are dying? How many - currently - that would require the services or information that this sort of a website would help? Is it mostly for relatives?? Are there more Canadians spending more time in the "Palliative" "zone"? For how long? I don't necessarily need these questions answered, but, I'm interested...
Would most of these people have cancer?
Thanks again.
Lea P. is my mom.

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