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Our clinical team has identified protocols, advanced practices, and assessment and evaluation tools to help support your practice.

Accessing cannabis for medical purposes from a licensed producer Learn how to access cannabis for your medical purposes from licensed producers under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes...
Anorexia - B.C. Inter-professional Palliative Symptom Management Guidelines These best practice guidelines are a result of a collaboration of the following organizations:   The BC Centre for Palliative...
Cancer anorexia This powerpoint presentation provides information on cancer anorexia, its pathogenesis, management and interventions.
Gastronomical CookBook: Eating Well, Always Eating Well, Always. These recipes have been developed by students from the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec...
Loss of Appetite Algorithm This algorithm developed by Cancer Care Ontario provides a screening and assessment tool for loss of appetite in aldults...
Pocket Guide: Loss of Appetite This pocket guide developed by Cancer Care Ontario provides information on loss of appetite including definitions, diagnosis,...
Symptom Management Guidelines (Related to Nutrition) BC Cancer Agency has produced Symptom Management Guidelines which address common problems related to nutrition including anorexia,...
Sedation for Palliative Purposes Guideline – PowerPoint Presentation This is the PowerPoint presentation that outlines details of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority guideline on Sedation...
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Guidelines for Discharge Planning for First Nations Patients Returning to Home Community for Palliative Care The Palliative  Care Program of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority has developed " Guidelines for Discharge Planning...
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