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Our clinical team has identified protocols, advanced practices, and assessment and evaluation tools to help support your practice.

Psychosocial care
Screening for Distress, the 6th Vital Sign: A Guide to Implementing Best Practices in Person-Centred Care Building on the working draft released in 2009, this guide offers a series of modules providing the steps and considerations...
Serious Illness Care Program: Reference Guide for Clinicians We know that individuals who have conversations with their clinicians about their values, goals and wishes are more likely...
Sesame Street in Communities: Helping Kids Grieve This website produced by Sesame Street in Communities has a wealth of resources for children and families touched by loss...
Social History Implementation Module A social history is a compilation of biographical information about an individual. It may include questions about an individual's...
Social Work Competencies for Practice in Hospice Palliative Care The profession of social work brings a unique perspective to end-of-life care that reflects and supports the holistic philosophy...
Spirituality and Medical Practice: Using the HOPE Questions as a Practical Tool for Spiritual Assessment The HOPE questions described in this article provide a guide for spirituality assessment. As published in American Family...
Spirituality In-service for LTC Inservice prepared for interdisciplinary staff working in long term care. Website includes links to Spirituality In-service...
Standards of Psychosocial Health Services for Persons with Cancer and their Families On behalf of the CAPO Board and the Standards Revision Committee we are very pleased to announce the completion of our revised...
Stay, Breathe with Me: The Gift of Compassionate Medicine This book presents serious illness as a drama of body, mind, and soul. In this drama symptoms and suffering cannot be separated...
Suicide: Assessment Considerations for Health Care Providers Presentation by advisor for Virtual Hospice clinical team reviews points to consider in assessing suicide risk.
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