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Hospice and palliative care
Little Stars: Accomplishing the Extraordinary in the Face of Serious Illness Little Stars tells the surprisingly life-affirming stories of young people living with life-limiting illnesses. Against the...
Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID): Ontario As part of its efforts to implement a consistent approach to the MAID process in Ontario, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term...
Nursing Care at the End of Life: What Every Clinician Should Know Nursing Care at the End of Life: What Every Clinician Should Know should be an essential component of basic educational preparation...
The Ontario Palliative Care Competency Framework: A Reference Guide for Health Professionals and Volunteers This reference guide for health professionals and volunteers describes the knowledge, personal attributes and skills providers...
Ontario Palliative Care Network Action Plan 1: 2017 – 2020: Action Areas, Actions and Timelines This Action Plan (2017 to 2020) is the work plan that will guide how the partners of the Ontario Palliative Care Network...
Palliative 4 Canadians Palliative 4 Canadians is a coalition of four national organizations whose sole mandate is to improve palliative care in...
Palliative and end of life care: Alberta Provincial Framework This Palliative and End-of-Life Care (PEOLC) Provincial Framework has been written by experts in PEOLC  across  Alberta.
Palliative Care - Fact Sheet This fact sheet supports the World Health Organization's goal to improve access to palliative care as a core component of...
Palliative Care and Human Rights for Older Persons (Public Health Fact Sheet) This fact sheet examines the growing need for older persons’ palliative care, the distinct and specific palliative care and...
Palliative Care Competencies for Undergraduate Medical Students in Canada A competency-based model of medical education is being integrated across the trajectory of medical education in Canada --...
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