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Our clinical team has identified protocols, advanced practices, and assessment and evaluation tools to help support your practice.

Recognizing Spiritual Needs in People Who are Dying Listening carefully to patients at the end of life is at the heart of good palliative care and this book provides a means...
Relationship Management: Helpful Information for Health Care Providers When Challenged by “Difficult” Patients Relationship Management, a communication and interaction strategy, is compassionate, respectful and professional and will...
Re-Thinking Palliative Care in the Community: A Change Guide Based on Dr Seow's research, this guide will help to build your community palliative care program.
The role of social workers in palliative, end of life and bereavement care This resource aims to ensure that people benefit from good social work at the end of their life, and that those close to...
Sahtu Glossary Cancer Terminology A glossary of medical terminology with a focus on cancer to facilitate discussions between First Nations and health officials...
Serious Illness Care Program: Reference Guide for Clinicians We know that individuals who have conversations with their clinicians about their values, goals and wishes are more likely...
Serious Illness Conversation Guide This booklet helps health care providers engage in conversations with patients about illness, prognosis and goals of care.
Sesame Street in Communities - Helping Kids Grieve: Training Video While adults understand the permanence of death rather quickly, children often need more time. Feelings of grief come and...
Social History Implementation Module A social history is a compilation of biographical information about an individual. It may include questions about an individual's...
Start the Talk: Supporting Children and Teens When a Family Member has Cancer This free online interactive resource is a guide for health care professionals and educators to support children and teens...
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