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Our clinical team has identified protocols, advanced practices, and assessment and evaluation tools to help support your practice.

Advanced care planning / Decision making
Advance Care Planning - Lawyer's Toolkit The legal toolkit is designed to help lawyers and their clients go through the process of ACP. The toolkit provides information...
Advance Care Planning - Public Toolkit Speak Up and the BC Centre for Palliative Care developed a complementary  “Living Well, Planning Well” resource for the public...
Advance care planning / Decision making in Palliative Care Advance care planning / Decision making in Palliative Care: A Guide to Approaching Care Choices is a useful guideline for...
Advance care planning and goals of care designation- conversation strategies Advance care planning and goals of care designation conversation Guide. 2 page document identifying key discussion points.
Advance care planning and goals of care designation - discussion guide for HCP's An advance care plan and goals of dare designation discussion guide for healthcare providers. A 42-page booklet on introducing...
Advance care planning and goals of care designation - information booklet Advance care plan and goals of care patient information booklet. A 31-page guide for making healthcare decisions with loved...
Advance Care Planning Evaluation in Elderly Patients The ACCEPT study evaluated the quantity and quality of ACP from the perspective of over 500 patients and family members in...
Advance care planning in end of life care This book will help health care professionals explore a wide range of issues and practicalities in providing Advance Care...
Advance Care Planning Resources for Prostate Cancer Patients This toolkit was produced through a joint initiative by Advance Care Planning in Canada “Speak Up” and Prostate Cancer Canada.
Advance Care Planning Video The Advance Care Planning Video developed by the Fraser Health can be viewed online from the following website. This video...
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