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Event Title: Oncology/Palliative Care Education Day "Mining the heart: Uncovering Meaning"
Organization: Michael Garron Hospital (formerly TEGH)
Date of Event: October 25, 2018 to October 25, 2018 08:00-16:00
Location: St. Bridget's Parish Hall
300 Wolverleigh Blvd
Toronto, Ontario, M4C 3E7
Postal Code: M4C 3E7
Contact: Karina Wulf
Audience: Public, Health Care Professionals, Volunteers
Category: Conference, Event

Full day education day. Topics include :Having a difficult conversation, mental health and palliative care, wellness and MAiD

Early bird rate:  $80.00, after October 5, 2018: $90.00. Student rate $40:00

Cash or cheques payable to Oncology Palliative Care Committee c/o Sarona Phillip, J5 Room 5122 Michael Garron Hospital, 825 Cowell Ave,Toronto MaC 3E7

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