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Event Title: Music Care Conference 2016
Organization: Room 217 Foundation
Date of Event: June 03, 2016 to June 03, 2016 0830-1630 hrs (Atlantic)
Location: Fredricton, New Brunswick,
Postal Code:
Contact: Marian Constable, Registrar
Audience: Public, Health Care Professionals
Category: Course, Conference

Theme: The Power of Music in Care

WHAT?  The Music Care Conference (MCC) is a one day conference bringing together care partners interested in the role music has in living and aging well. MCC identifies themes and issues using music across the care spectrum and provides understanding about current practices and research. Speakers include:

    Jennifer Buchanan – Tune-In – Music Across the Lifespan
    Dr. David Alter – Music and Quality of Life
    Dr. Andrea Creech – Music and Quality of Life in Older Adults
    Bev Foster – Pathways Singing Program for Memory Care
    Elizabeth Eldridge – Music and Mood
    Dr. Susan Aglukark – Keynote performer

WHY?   Care partners are looking for non-pharmacological, person-centred approaches to care that will improve care experiences, and that can be flexible and cost effective in a variety of settings. Music is an intricate part of life passage and has tremendous healing capacity. Music care is an approach that believes all of us can use music for health and well-being in our own lives and in those we care for and aims to enhance well-being and quality of life and care for all people.

WHO?  MCC is for anyone who wants to learn more about the role music plays in care. Participants include allied healthcare providers, family and volunteer caregivers, care receivers, musicians, faith-based and community agencies, students and the community-at-large.

WHEN?   Friday, June 3, 2016

WHERE?   St. Thomas University, Fredericton, NB

HOW?   or by phone 905.852.2499

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