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Husband is mean and not eating or drinking  
Started by Cherbear
19 Feb 2019, 1:54 AM

husband is stage 4 gastric cancer had first treatment but will not drink or try to have  small bits of food.  Has been a whole week since food.   I know what he needs to suggest what he can do is pretty sick.  Will not go to hospital for anti nausea intervenous.  and is yelling swearing at me.  Will not get out of bed.   Is starv himself.  How do I deal with this anyone else deal with angry spouses. 
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Reply by Ogechi Asagwara (Ogechi@virtualhospice.ca)
20 Feb 2019, 7:33 PM

Hi Cherbear - thank you for connecting here on the Discussion Forums. Very sorry to hear about your husbands’ stage 4 cancer diagnosis and the challenges you and he are experiencing.

I’m hoping this article from our website might have some helpful information for you, My husband often vents his frustration and anger towards me. I know he is very ill and things aren’t going well, but how can I respond?

We do encourage you to connect further with your husband’s medical team, if you need more information or help with the symptoms or problems he is experiencing. 

Providing support to someone with advanced illness can present unfamiliar situations and the need for information and support so we hope you continue to reach out to those around you who can help.


-Ogechi (CVH Moderator)
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Reply by alexkevin
28 Feb 2019, 12:27 PM

It makes me very sad, I hope that your husband gets recover soon, Amen.
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