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Commitment to Care 
Started by Cath1
24 Jan 2012, 11:34 AM

Hi everyone:Smile

I am wondering if it's possible to get a "Commitment to Care" campaign going among those of us who have joined this online community and the many regular contributors. My idea is that perhaps if we each made a commitment to write something here in the Discussion Forums at least once a week, we could reach out to others with more consistency to keep the content current while igniting more interest and involvement.

I think that we need to have more continuity in our conversations, more regular feedback and follow-up, and I am more than willing to commit to sharing here at least once a week.

I noticed, after the fact, that I had responded to a post that was dated 2009. I know there is a need for discussion among the general public and we need to spread the word and engage more people and entice them to share their experiences here. Virtual Hospice provides such a great opportunity for us all to find healing and support through shared experience, story-telling, advice, listening, empathy, caring and kindness.

Any thoughts? 


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Reply by eh_girl
26 Jun 2019, 11:40 PM

i think thia qouls BE  good idea.
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