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Thoughts and messages for CarolynMarie 
Started by moderator | modératrice
25 Oct 2012, 12:59 PM

Dear Virtual Hospice community, 

Many of you have exchanged messages, laughs and virtual hugs with CarolynMarie. Carolyn has been in the hospital since just before Thanksgiving and it’s likely she won’t be going home. At the moment, she is waiting for a spot in a residential hospice. Carolyn is surrounded by a very loving family and many, many dear friends.
Carolyn loves sharing online. Virtually connecting with people expands her circles, allowing so us to revel in her honestly, her humour, her warmth and indeed her smiling strength. 
Let’s build a thread of messages to Carolyn. I’m confident you will find words that Carolyn would like to hear right now. Let’s envelop her with peace to embrace the days ahead. 

Thank you
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Reply by NatR
25 Oct 2012, 2:36 PM

Dear Carolyn,

i just want to leave you a message to let you know I am sending you special thoughts today!  It is nice to know you have many friends and family to surround you and uplift you.

just for today, live each minute with those around you!  They are sharing energy and love with you.  You are sharing the person that you are.  Take all the love and support and hug it close.  Those who love you are doing the same thing - remembering each moment with you - a precious memory to save - your words , your smiles - and your energy.

i read your notes about leaving cards and letters for your children.  What a beautiful gift - also the handmade items you mentioned!

i send you a virtual hug today
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Reply by chemobrainfog
25 Oct 2012, 3:04 PM

Dear Carolyn,
I'm sending you hugs and much love from New York.  Know that you are surrounded not only by the love of the family at your side, you are also embraced by a global community and I hope you feel our love, too.
Much Love,
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Reply by Jimmie
25 Oct 2012, 3:37 PM

So, it is time now for you to rest, the season of gathering stones together - the round smooth stones of memory, the warm stones of love, the sacred, precious stones of companionship, and protection.  

Time now to rest and listen to the sea while those of us beside you near and far care for you, comfort you, and build a vessel to carry you softly with our love. Rest my friend within that vessel of love.  It shall carry you safely on your journey, carry you safely home. Stars above, gentle sea below.


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Reply by Tian
25 Oct 2012, 8:07 PM

Dear CarolynMarie

I understand that your journey is continuing on its inevitable path. I hope that the medical staff is as adept at easing your physical pain as you have been in addressing the emotional issues your illness has tormented you with. I am in awe of your spirit and courage. Peace.

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Reply by Cath1
26 Oct 2012, 1:00 AM

Sweet CarolynMarie:

Tears of love and gratitude accompany my words for you tonight, my sweet and heroic friend! My heart is right there with you and I trust you can feel it beating along with yours.

Soon your pain and worries will ease and your tears will dry. There is a beautiful vista awaiting you, sweetheart. Remember, you are not alone. I know, I say it all the time, but it's so important that you believe it! Please realize how many people's lives and hearts you touch deeply, as you do mine. We remain with you just as you remain with us - always.

Dwell now on your precious moments with your remarkable family, savour each second with your husband and children. Your and their memories are the heart’s keepsakes that will never fade with time or change. Remember too that we are only separated in this life from the other by a thin veil of understanding.  Some people in this life become more deeply enlightened than others and you fall into that category as you are a luminary in the lives of so many people, CarolynMarie! Shine on. Smile on. I shall never forget the sound of your smile or the light of your courage that I feel privileged to have witnessed through your words.

You have walked your journey with cancer hand in hand, face to face, and always with integrity not commonly seen. You kept going and smiled and loved and shared your light in the world. Now your time for rest is upon you. You’ve earned it, sweetheart.

The long and winding road you have valiantly travelled while helping so many others to follow in your path is nearing a final crossroad. Your soul will feel renewed in the presence of peace and by the endless comfort of love. 

Thank you CarolynMarie for the blessings you brought and continue to bring to us here at Virtual Hospice.

I have made you a video message as my words cannot say what I feel tonight. The incomparable Annie Lennox sings “Into the West” and it’s something for you to listen to and watch (“down home” scenery included, too


Let the music soothe you to sleep as you prepare for your rapture, and know I am loving you now and always.

Thank you for the gift of your trust and your love. My love and gratitude go with you always!  Bliss awaits you, CarolynMarie. Fly free on wings of wishes, prayers and love.

With endless affection -hugs- -xo- for you and your family


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Reply by passirose
28 Oct 2012, 8:38 PM

Dear CarolynMarie,

I need to tell you how proud I feel to had the opportunity of becoming one of your virtual friend.

Your words and thoughts that you shared with me have make me feel so well, I would love to be able to give you back the wellness and comfort you gave me.

Please accept my respectfull affection, hugs


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Reply by Jimmie
28 Oct 2012, 10:48 PM

Dear CarolynMarie:

This time of year, the marsh grasses along the banks of Antigonish harbour are honey golden in hue.  Migratory birds on their way elsewhere alight here for a day or two and then move on.  Within the many inlets and along the small rivers that empty into the estuary, the herons stand regally present, and patient – still points in a turning world.

 Once, years and years ago, a great blue heron landed close to me, wings outstretched, and fixed me with the presence in its eyes.  There was a moment of intensity, a questioning of sorts,  then it was gone - awkwardly at first, but then with studied grace.  It seemed within that brief moment of our meeting that I fell into a world unknown to me except in dreams, a world beyond imagining, a world more real than the one I sit typing in today.  It is a world of deep, deep grace; a world of still composure; a world wherein “all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well”   

 It is a lullaby best sung by friends beside a river, or at your bedside when words of love and grief and pain grow still like herons on the shore.


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Reply by NatR
02 Nov 2012, 5:30 PM

Dear Carolyn,

Sending you thoughts today, hoping that you are at peace and pain free!

also hoping that your hand is being held and that  a soft voice speaks to you.
May today be filled with people who love you
you are in my thoughts  
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Reply by moderator | modératrice
02 Nov 2012, 7:44 PM

Thank you everyone for your lovely messages for Carolyn. I was able to share them with 2 of Carolyn’s close friends, M and S, who see her regularly. They have been sharing them with her and her family at times when your words are most needed. Carolyn is still in the hospital, but I understand she has the best private room in the house with a great view. She's still on the list for a hospice space. 

M and S have both shared with Carolyn that her “angels at Virtual Hospice are thinking of her and sending their love.” M passes this along to you "Your messages have brought many tears but also much strength to me and my soul.  My thanks to [you] who have supported Carolyn and in turn support me, and Carolyn's family who have been reading through the messages."

Let’s keep her and her family and friends in our hearts and thoughts.
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