Alleviating Pain and Suffering in Children Receiving Palliative Care

Author(s)Kimberly Widger, Maria Rugg, and Dr. Maru Barrera
YearMay 2011

This webinar is part of a pediatric pain series organized by the CIHR Team in Children’s Pain and its knowledge translation partner, CAPHC. The following presenters explore pharmacologic, physiologic and psychologic pain management strategies; psychosocial coping strategies; and multi-disciplinary decision-making in palliative care:
-Kimberly Widger RN, MN, CHPCN(c), University of Toronto
-Maria Rugg RN, MN, CHPCN(c), Hospital For Sick Children
-Dr. Maru Barrera PhD. C. Psych, Hospital For Sick Children
Additional resources on this page include the powerpoint presentation and a list of background references and journal articles.

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